Fall Hot Tub To-Do's

Draining and Filling your tub at the first signs of fall is the perfect way to get your spa ready for heavier use in the colder seasons. I like to reference the bed sheets analogy – fresh water in the spa is like putting fresh sheets on the bed. The fresh feel is ideal and essential for maintenance. We'll go over below how we're going to achieve it!

Clean Up

First things first is to do some cleaning. If you've used your spa for a season, it's good to flush out the pipes. Beachcomber tubs have a product called 'Pipe Cleanse,' which is used before emptying the water. This product helps dislodge any biofilm that builds up over time, which can lead to more significant problems down the road. Simply ensure all jets are in the open position, empty the entire bottle into the spa, and then run the jet cycle. Let this sit for 24 hours in the tub. If you can run the jets here and there, it will help get things moving!


Now it's time to drain the tub and do some cleaning! Be sure to have a zero reading of your sanitizer of choice before draining the tub – this can be achieved by leaving the top off for a period while it gasses out naturally. Clean the acrylic surfaces with a mild cleanser, like the beachcomber tub clean or a cleanser of your choice, to make them sparkle.


Spa covers [or heat shields] also need attention, especially if they are constantly exposed to the sun. Clean the surface of debris and use a light soap and water mixture to get any harder stains. Let dry and apply a cover care chemical like beachcombers' cover care' or a vinyl UV protectant found in hardware stores. This will give extra vibrancy to the cover, and the UV coating will ensure minimal sun fade.


While emptying, it's also a good time to do a little filter maintenance. Depending on how often you use the tub, replacing it at least once a year is recommended. We introduce body oils, and other chemicals build up on the filter, making it less effective. If it's not time to replace just yet, take the filter out and spray it down with a hose to remove any visible debris. Now it's time to soak it in a filter cleanser to help break down some of the stuff we can't see, like mineral deposits and unwanted calcium buildup. I'd recommend the beachcomber Filter Cure for mineral buildup or Filter Pure, which breaks down oil buildup or grease.


Once our tub is shining, it's time to refill the tub! Most municipalities have clean ready-to-use water. If you are like me in the Victoria, BC area, our water is so low in dissolved minerals that you need not worry. If you rely on well water; I'd strongly advise using a pre-fill filter attachment to your hose while filling - as all the extra minerals often found in wells can harm your spa in the long term.


Once your tub is complete, it's time for the Eliminate – a liquid product formulated to prevent the stain of iron, copper and magnesium on hot tub surfaces and equipment. It's a one-time use at startup to protect your spa from the minerals to keep them in solution, preventing them from adhering to the hot tub equipment and fixtures. It will help keep your hot tub water conditioned and clear! This is an excellent time to consider using a product we recommend called Spa Marvel.

The enzymes contained in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner are derived from plant extracts. Unlike chlorine, which sanitizes and essentially kills bacteria, the enzymes in Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner help remove the food (organic matter) necessary for bacteria to live, which is partly how lakes and aquariums can maintain themselves without using chlorine. Spa Marvel Hot Tub Treatment & Conditioner clears the path for chlorine, allowing it to work much more efficiently. In other words, it will take less chlorine to maintain desired levels with Spa Marvel in your spa than without.
Spa Marvel is a spa solution that reduces and eliminates many harsh chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment. Spa Marvel also conditions water for sensitive skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft. If you decide to use this, wait until the hot tub is to temperature and empty the entire bottle!
Lastly, it's time to follow your wet-start instructions that would have come with your spa at the time of purchase, giving you directions on how much to add to each chemical for your spa model and size.

Save Time & Money

This fall, as a special to those who purchased a spa from Wildwood Outdoor Living, we're offering this pre-packaged drain and fill tote for $40 off! The regular price is $159.99, now only $119.99 until the end of October or while quantities last! It has all the chemicals mentioned above, a pre-filter bag (for larger debris, making your filter last longer) and test strips. It also gives a sample of the Judy essence fragrance to take that spa experience to the next level.

And that's it! Getting into a freshly filled spa is like getting into a fresh set of sheets. You'll be thankful that you did and enjoy it in the cooler weather!

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