Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails - Ontario Seed Company

Ornamental Grass Bunny Tails - Ontario Seed Company

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Lagurus ovatus

Bunny's Tail Ornamental Grass

This hardy annual grass grows well in any soil. Soft, woolly seed heads look great in mixed bouquets - and you guessed it, they resemble bunny tails! This variety is easy to start both inside if you would like to get a head start or directly outside into the garden. Plants grow to 25cm (10") in height.

How to Grow

 Sow seed 4-6 weeks early indoors in soil-less mix using peat pots or cell paks for an easier transplant to the garden. Mist the growing medium and keep at 20C (70F) for the 5-10 day germination period. After germination occurs, grow on under lights before hardening off and transplanting to the garden in late May. Direct garden sow in early to mid-May. Bunny tails makes its best growth in sites with full sun.


Approx. 150 seeds/pkt.

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