Basil Thai Tower- West Coast Seeds

Basil Thai Tower- West Coast Seeds

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Ocimum basilicum

Like its sister basil Emerald Tower, Thai Tower basil grows to an astonishing 60-90cm (24-36") tall in a compact column. The plants are densely branched with short internodes, forming tall purple stems and branches, with tightly packed foliage. The Thai basil flavour is profound, with strong hints of cinnamon and liquorice. This variety has very high production potential for growers, and it's late-flowering. So while many other basil types have succumbed to the heat of summer and gone to seed, Thai Tower is still growing skyward. 

Approx 45 Seeds

  • Grows 60-90cm (24-36") tall
  • Thai basil type
  • Great for larger containers
  • Massive plants

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