Small Aloe Vera
Small Aloe Vera

Small Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera

    Origin: Arabian Peninsula

    Aloe Vera is a cactus-like houseplant that grows in hot, dry climates. It it considered to be native only to the south-west Arabian Peninsula, but is has been widely naturalized all over the world for both decorative and medicinal purposes. Gel straight from the Aloe Vera plant is known to be a soothing way to relieve burns. Aloe Vera plants are succulents, which means they like dry conditions with bright light and infrequent, but deep, watering. The best way to water an aloe is by letting the soil dry completely, then water deeply while allowing it to drain freely from the soil. A great houseplants for beginners! Aloe is mildly toxic if ingested. Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

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     Lighting Bright location; but too much direct sunlight over time may cause the plant to dry out.
     Water Water deeply. Allow soil to dry completely between watering. Discard any excess water.
     Humidity Dry, like the dessert.
     Fertilize Fertilize yearly.
     Skill Level Beginner.
     Other Benefits Medicinal, Easy Care, Bright Light.