Anemone The Govenor Red Spring bulb

Anemone The Governor

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The stunning bright red petals on The Governor, in contrast with its hint of white and dark black/bluish center, make it a standout for any garden. They prefer full sun to partial sun exposure, a well drained sandy loam soil with neutral to acidic pH levels is also preferred. Often planted in the early to mid spring you can expect blooms to form between the early summer and the early fall.

  • A spectacular variety ideal for the full-sun summer garden.
  • Dig-up in the fall and store in a frost-free area.
  • Great for Containers & Mixed Borders
  • Windflower – double blooms, ideal for cut flowers
  • 10 Pack
  • Deer Resistant



 Bloom Size

10" H

 Bulb Size

6/7 cm

 Sun Requirements

Full to Part Sun



 Deer Resistant



March - May


June - Oct

 Plant depth


 Space apart



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