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Clean 'n Clear 1kg - Oxidizer & Clarifier

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Beachcomber Clean ‘n Clear is a dual action oxidizing and clarifying treatment, specially formulated for use with existing Bromine or Chlorine water care program. Its oxidizing and clarifying agents are specialized in clearing out organic matter and helping to restore natural water sparkle to enhance your bathing experience. Clean 'n Clear is designed for periodic shocking for extra clarity and can extend the life of bromine or chlorine treatment systems.

pH : 4.5


  • Use as a weekly treatment or as needed
  • Broadcast 30g per 1000 L of hot tub water into the deepest area of the hot tub with circulation system running
  • Wait 20 minutes before using the hot tub
  • Do not re-install hot tub cover for 1 hour following Clean n' Clear treatment

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