Bromo Discs 2kg

Bromo Discs 2kg

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Bromo Discs

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, algae and pathogens
  • pH 4.0
  • 20gr / .71oz each
  • Bromide salts and UltraShock non-chlorine oxidizer

Beachcomber Bromo Disc is a slow dissolving bromine tablet, weighing 20 grams / .71 oz each. Bromine discs contains both Bromide salts and UltraShock non-chlorine oxidizer. These discs are designed to fit perfectly into the Beachcomber floating dispenser or holiday tender. 

The constant contact with the water releases bromine sanitizer 24/7 into your hot tub water which kills bacteria, viruses, algae and pathogens. It also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms in your hot tub water. 

Ensure the floating dispenser/holiday tender is always full and open to the appropriate setting to maintain the Bromine level. 


1. Test your water to maintain the recommended bromine level. 
2. If using an automatic feeding device, fill the chamber(s) with tablets and adjust flow rate according to recommendations to maintain proper bromine residual. Adding tablets to the hot tub's skimmer basket is an alternative bromine feed method. Daily usage should be 5g of Bromine Disc per 1000L of hot tub water. 
3. Note: Heavy hot tub usage and higher temperatures may require higher usage rates to maintain proper bromine residuals. 

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