Medium Concinnia Calathea
Calathea Concinnia
Medium Calathea Concinnia

Medium Calathea Concinnia

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Calathea Concinnia

Origin: South America

Like most kinds of Calatheas, this plant is grown for its attractive ornamental foliage. Their colorful white leaves have alternate streaks of light and dark green. Like others in its family, it has a burgundy underside which adds even more dimension to this already stunning plant.  

What makes this plant even more fascinating is its tendency to move throughout the day depending on the orientation of the sun. Rotating your plant every few weeks will keep it growing proportionality. 

Calatheas can be displayed on patios or balconies if the temperatures are warm enough. The Calathea does not like cold drafts or direct sunlight. It does best in moist well drained soil. If possible, use distilled or rain water when watering your Calathea as they are sensitive to the hard water from the tap. 

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 Lighting Bright indirect Light. North, east or west facing rooms are suitable.
 Water Water thoroughly, discarding any excess water. Do not allow soil to dry out but do not allow it to remain soggy.
 Humidity High.
 Fertilize Fertilize with a balanced diluted solution every 2 weeks from April to early October.
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Pet Friendly, Easy Care.