Red Shrub Champlain - Weeks Rose

Champlain - Weeks Rose

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Shrub Rose

Champlain is a true gem of a rose.

  • Lightly Fragrant.
  • Suitable for Zones 4 - 10.
  • Medium to small flowers.
  • Bronze-green foliage.


Champlain is a true gem of a rose with petals of dark velvety red that deepen even further at the petal tips. A proven hardy Shrub in many ways and the best seller of the red Canadian roses. But it doesn't look good just in that locale. This mounded little cherry red rose holds its habit and floriferousness in all climates—a most uncommon feat amongst the Northern Shrubs.


Loads of blooms make it great for mass plantings. Better red color in cooler temperatures. This rose is continually blooming from spring until frost, and will form round orange hips after blooms have ended. Blooms are fully double, measure 2 1/2 to 3", petal count is 30, and foliage is very resistant to disease and insects.


Rose Type Shrub 
Growth Type Shrub Rose
Colour Red
Fragrance Strength Light
Flowering Repeat Flowering
Petal Count 25 to 30
Disease Resistance Excellent
Height 3 - 4ft
Width 3 - 4ft
Hybridizer Dr. Felicitas Svejda
Introduced 1982
Introduced By
Agriculture Canada Ottawa
Suitable for zones Zones 4 - 10

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