Small Coffee Plant
Small Coffee Plant

Small Coffee Plant

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Coffee Plant

'Arabica coffee'

Origin: South-western Ethiopia

Coffee Plants are considered to be one of the easiest and hardiest houseplants. But don't start planning to build your own coffee empire just yet, because it can be quite tricky to get these plants to produce the berries coffee beans come from. Coffee Plants have lush dark green foliage and will make a lovely addition to any home. They like bright, indirect lighting and moist well-draining soil. Coffee Plants will do best in high humidity. Feel free to mist your plant or set it on a wet pebble tray to increase humidity. In ideal conditions you can get your coffee plant to flower, but only after it matures which takes 3-5 years. If these flowers are pollinated, maybe then it will produce the berries that contain coffee beans. It's not much for a lot of effort, but it is rewarding if you can manage it!

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 Lighting Bright location; avoid direct sunlight.
 Water Water thoroughly, discarding any excess water. Keep soil moist. 
 Humidity High. Mist regularly. 
 Fertilize Fertilize occasionally during the growing season.
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Easy Care, Bright Light, High Humidity.

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