Cozy Home - Mason Bee Home
Cozy Home - Mason Bee Home

Cozy Home - Mason Bee Home

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Cozy Home - Mason Bee Home

The Beediverse Cozy Bee Mason bee home is a beautiful home for these hard working mason bees. Wooden nesting trays are made of west coast Alder, a hardwood that mason bees like to use as nests.

Mason bee, Osmia lignaria, also known as the blue orchard bee, is friendly and an efficient pollinator for fruit such as apple, cherry, almond and blueberry. Beediverse houses are an excellent way to encourage these pollinators into your garden.

Nests can be cleaned each year after harvest and successfully re-used for many years. Comes with a predator guard that will protect your bees from woodpeckers and parasitic wasps. 

Dimensions 8 x 4 x 5 in


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