6" Croton Petra
6" Croton Petra
6" Croton Petra

Medium Croton Petra

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Croton Petra

Codiaeum variegatum ‘Petra’ 

Origin: Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pacific Islands

Red, yellow, and green oh my! Colourful foliage that will lighten up any space. Crotons are widely loved for their foliage. There are several hundred Croton varieties ranging in all shapes and sizes. Petra has classic rounded foliage in a whole range of colours like orange, red, pink, yellow, and green. Crotons are fairly easy to care for. 

They like plenty of sun to keep their leaf colours vibrant, but be careful as too much hot sun can bleach the colour of their leaves. In hotter climates like California and Florida, Crotons are grown outside as landscape plants. They love warm climates with high humidity. To keep your Croton happiest you should provide it with a well draining soil, otherwise it is not picky. Their soil should stay lightly moist, be careful not to over water!

Crotons are toxic, and not good plants to keep if you have children or pets around.

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 Lighting Bright location with partial to full sun.
 Water Keel soil lightly moist. Do not over water.
 Humidity High
 Fertilize Fertilize once or twice in the growing season.
 Skill Level Intermediate.
 Other Benefits Moderately Easy Care, Bright Light, Full Sun