Abraham Darby - David Austin Rose

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English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Large, deeply cupped blooms with a rich fruity fragrance
  • Rich, fruity fragrance has a refreshing sharpness.
  • Repeats well.
  • Bred by David Austin.
  • Suitable for zones 4 to 10.

A well-rounded shrub bearing numerous, very large, cup-shaped flowers in shades of apricot and yellow, becoming tinted with pink as they age. It has a rich, fruity fragrance with a refreshing sharpness.

The growth is vigorous and hardy in all areas. It repeats well but summer pruning will encourage a better crop of flowers and help maintain a more compact plant.

Named after one of the founding figures of the Industrial Revolution, who lived in Shropshire, UK, where the nursery is located.


 Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
 Growth Type Shrub Rose
 Sub Type English Leander Hybrid
 Color Apricot
 Fragrance Strength Very Strong Fragrance
 Flowering Repeat Flowering
 Disease Resistance Poor
 Height 5ft
 Width 5ft
 Breeder David Austin
 Year of Introduction 1985
 Appellation Auscot
 Suitable for zones Zones 4 - 10
 Petal Count 70 Petals