Winchester Cathedral - David Austin Rose

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English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Produces masses of fragrant blooms throughout the summer
Attractive, loose-petalled, white flowers. Delicious Old Rose fragrance with hints of honey and almond blossom. Very free-flowering.
  •  Bred by David Austin
  • Suitable for zones 4 to 10
  • Also available as 36" tree

A lovely sport of the beautiful ‘Mary Rose’. It shares all of the virtues of its parent, and is similar in every way, except that the flowers are white, occasionally with the slightest touch of buff pink at the centre. The overall effect is excellent, producing a mass of flowers and continuing to bloom at regular intervals throughout the summer. The individual blooms are in the form of medium-sized, loose-petalled rosettes of typical Old Rose character. There is delicious Old Rose fragrance with hints of honey and almond blossom, which becomes much stronger in warmer weather.

‘Winchester Cathedral’ is a first class garden shrub with well-shaped, twiggy, bushy growth and nice foliage. It looks particularly beautiful in a mixed border mingling with other plants and perennials. It is particularly winter hardy.

Named after one of the finest cathedrals in Britain.


Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
Growth Type Shrub Rose
Sub Type English Old Rose Hybrid
Color White
Fragrance Strength Strong Fragrance
Flowering Repeat Flowering
Disease Resistance Average
Height 4ft
Width 4ft
Breeder David Austin
Year of Introduction 1984
Appellation Auscat
Suitable for zones Zones 4 - 10
Petal Count 60 petals
Patent PP8141