Dahlia Dinnerplate Show N Tell Orange spring bulb

Dinnerplate Dahlia Show 'N Tell

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This fiery Dahlia combines its red petals with hints of yellow on the end and in the center making it a striking addition to any garden. It requires a soil pH that is mildly acidic to neutral and should be watered regularly, though make sure not to over water. Sun exposure should be in direct sunlight. Blooming can be expected to take place between the early summer and the early fall.

  • Garden Giant
  • Lush plants that produce masses of 9” sized blooms.
  • Great for Containers & Mixed Borders.
  • Not winter hardy – Dig in the fall and store in a frost-free area.
  • 1 Pack


Orange tipped Yellow

 Bloom Size




 Sun Requirements

Full Sun



 Deer Resistant



March - May


June - Oct

 Plant depth


 Space apart


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