Dicentra Spectabilis Bleeding Heart Spring Bulb

Dicentra Spectabilis Bleeding Heart

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A sophisticated plant that produces an abundance of hanging blooms, the flowers tend to be pink and white with a small yellow center; they make great cut flowers and have been certified as a plant of merit. They prefer being planted in habitats that provide full to partial sunlight exposure and are a low maintenance plant to grow, which is great for less experienced gardeners. They should be planted in chalky, clay, or loamy soils; the soil should contain pH properties between alkaline and neutral. Planting should take place between the months of March and April. You can expect blooms to form between July and September.

  • Perennials.
  • Long-lasting colour in the shade.
  • Great for Containers & Mixed Borders.
  • Deer Resistant.
  • 1 Pack





 Sun Requirements

Partial Sun



 Deer Resistant



March - April


June - Sept

 Plant depth


 Space apart


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