Eglantyne - David Austin Rose

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English Rose - bred by David Austin

Shrub Rose

Beautiful blooms with a charming Old Rose scent.
  • Strong fragrance
  • Bred by David Austin.
  • Suitable for zones 5 to 10
  • Can be trained as a climbing rose
  • Also available as 36" tree

We regard this as one of the most beautiful of the English Roses. The flowers are quite large and of exquisite formation - the petals turning up at the edges to form a shallow saucer, filled with many small petals. There is a button eye in the centre. It is sweetly fragrant, with a charming, medium-strong Old Rose scent. The foliage is attractive with little disease.

The growth is ideal, being of medium height, bushy and upright, yet well-rounded, giving it a rather refined character. It is in every way an excellent garden plant. Ideal for the border or for bedding.

Named after Eglantyne Jebb, from Shropshire, who founded the Save the Children fund.


 Rose Type English Rose - bred by David Austin
 Growth Type Shrub Rose
 Sub Type English Old Rose Hybrid
 Color Soft pink
 Fragrance Strength Strong Fragrance
 Flowering Repeat Flowering
 Disease Resistance Average
 Height 4ft
 Width 3ft
 Breeder David Austin
 Year of Introduction 1994
 Appellation Ausmak
 Suitable for zones Zones 5 - 10
 Petal Count 140 Petals
 Patent PP9526