Small Ficus Rubber Tineke
Small Ficus Rubber Tineke

Small Ficus Decora Tineke

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Ficus Rubber Tree

Ficus elastica 'Tineke'

Origin: India, Nepal, Myanmar, China, & Malaysia.

Your tree may be a small plant right now, but with a bit of care it will be well on its way to being a small tree, bringing life and color to any space. In its natural habitat it grows over 30 metres tall, but yours will stay at a more manageable height between 1 to 8 feet. Rubber trees come in a variety of colours. 'Tineke' is a newer variety with beautiful white and green variegated leaves that sometimes finish pink. If you ensure you provide it with lots of bright, but indirect lighting your rubber tree should be relatively easy to care for. Allow its soil to dry slightly, then water deeply allowing excess to drain. Rubber trees do not like being over watered. If its leaves start to look dirty, simply clean them gently with water and a cloth.

*Please note - Ecoforms pot sold separately, want your own? Buy it here! Plants are subject to nature and may differ from their photos. We try our best to match our product to the photos on our listings. Thank you. 

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 Lighting Bright location; keep out of direct sunlight. 
 Water Allow soil to dry slightly before watering.
 Humidity Does well in normal levels of humidity, but likes higher humidity as well. Dry air will turn the leaf tips brown.
 Fertilize Fertilize once or twice in the warmer months.
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Easy Care, Bright Light, Indoor Tree!

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