6" Ficus Weeping Fig
6" Ficus Weeping Fig

Medium Ficus Weeping Fig

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Ficus Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina

Origin: India, Southeast Asia, Northern Australia

The Weeping Ficus is one of the most popular small indoor trees from this genus that grows quite slowly and needs a grower to take particular care of a few needs (lighting, watering, etc.), which is fairly easy, when you know how. Weeping Fig has lovely slender branches with glossy green leaves. If your plant is stressed it may let you know by dropping leaves. In your home the plant will stay in the 3 to 6 foot range, but in it's native climate they can grow up to 60 feet.

The weeping fig is one of the top plants for air purifying. They like bright, indirect light and regular watering during their growing season. Your weeping fig can handle some sun, as long as it doesn't get too hot. Morning sun would be best. Weeping figs prefer higher humidity. If the air is too dry it will let you know by dropping it's leaves. These plants are quite sensitive, and you may need to water with distilled water. 

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 Lighting Place in bright location; avoid direct sunlight.
 Water Water thoroughly. discarding any excess water. Allow soil to dry out slightly before watering.
 Humidity High humidity. Mist with warm water.
 Fertilize Fertilize monthly.
 Skill Level Intermediate.
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Slow Growing, Bright Light, High Humidity.