6" Hanging Basket Green Twist Trailing Bamboo
6" Hanging Basket Green Twist Trailing Bamboo

Medium Green Twist Trailing Bamboo Hanging Basket

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Green Twist Trailing Bamboo

Agrostis stolonifera 'Green Twist'

Origin: North America

Green twist, or creeping bentgrass, looks great in hanging baskets or containers. Its foliage is feathery and unique. Ensure your trailing bamboo gets lots of water and it should stay happy. They are relativity low maintenance plants, but need a little pruning once in a while to keep them looking sharp. Trailing bamboo prefers some sun, or partial shade. 

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 Lighting Bright location; Partial shade
 Water Keep soil moist. 
 Humidity Does well in normal levels of humidity, but likes higher humidity as well. 
 Fertilize Fertilize once or twice in the warmer months.
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Bright Light, Fast Growing,