Grill Grate XL Kamado Set
Grill Grate XL Kamado Set
Grill Grate XL Kamado Set
Grill Grate XL Kamado Set
Grill Grate XL Kamado Set
Grill Grate XL Kamado Set

Grill Grate XL Kamado Set

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GrillGrates for the XL Green Egg and Big Joe
New Design Offers 25% More Coverage For Bigger Grills and More Versatility

Four 20" X 5.25" GrillGrates Cut to Fit Round Grills

Divide & Conquer Your Large Charcoal Grill With Two Use Options:

  • All Four Panels= Full Coverage
  • One Outer Panel and One Center Panel= Half Coverage

What makes GrillGrates better than the existing grates on my grill?

  • The Original Raised Rail Design™ is an engineered cooking system that sits atop any existing grill surface OR can be used as a complete replacement on gas grills. GrillGrates sear and sizzle foods better than traditional grills, which have more open exposure to direct flame and juices are only fuel for flare-ups. GrillGrates virtually eliminate charring but accentuate searing.
  • The "Sizzle Effect" is a major difference when comparing GrillGrates to conventional grills. In open fire grilling much of the dripped fatty juice becomes fuel that is carbonized onto the outer layer of the food aided and compounded by flaming and flare-ups. With GrillGrates, juices sizzle (steaming and boiling) just below the food. This aromatic sizzling delivers a huge pop of flavor instead of charred taste. Over time, fatty juices drain out through the fat draining holes in the valleys. The backside of the GrillGrates will quickly season to a shiny charred black. We call it Dripology™. You'll call it Grate grilling!
  • The GrateTool™ makes handling and turning food on GrillGrates a pleasure not a challenge. The prongs of the GrateTool fit between and below the rails to lift not scrape food on the grill. The GrateTool handles pizza beautifully from quarter turning on the grill to carrying pizza to the table. NOTE: The GrateTool also doubles as a cleaning tool. Simply run The GrateTool down the valleys during warm-up to sweep debris off GrillGrates. You will find GrillGrates get better with age and they’ll never rust!

How do I choose the right size GrillGrates for my grill?

  • For rectangular gas grill and rectangular charcoal grill owners first you need to determine if you want to replace your existing grill surface or simply use GrillGrates on top of your existing surface. The most important measurement is the length of the grates on your grill. Stand in front of your grill and measure the front to back dimension of the existing grates. Next, you determine the width of your grill surface, then decide how many GrillGrates you want across. Once you have your grill surface specs you can use our handy GrillGrate calculator to determine exactly what you will need. Click here for the GrillGrate calculator. All GrillGrates are 5.25 inch wide and interlock. *when the panels are interlocked you lose about 1/8" per panel

  • For round charcoal grill owners determine the diameter of your grill's cooking grate. 
  • For pellet grill owners you will need to measure the depth and width of your pellet grill's existing surface. The depth is really the most important determining factor for pellet grills. We like to gear pellet grill owners towards what we like to call a Sear Station. A Sear Station is a three panel set of GrillGrates intended for use on top of the pellet grill's existing surface when you want to do high heat direct grilling. We recommend positioning the Sear Station over the fire pot with most pellet grills.