Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE
Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Hosta Variety Box - ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Holy Hostas that's a lot of value!

Each Hosta Variety Box has rhizomes in 5 exclusive varieties. With a regular retail price of $54.99, this box will give you a $31.57 added value!

This Hosta Variety Box is perfect for adding some textured foliage in that shady area in your garden, on a patio, or under a tree. These plants are low maintenance and drought tolerant, making them perfect for us gardeners who want to add some beauty to our gardens without a lot of work.

This Hosta Variety Box is a limited-time preorder and will only be available Online. Make sure to get your orders in before this window closes. 

Hostas Included:


Bulbs per Box



sieboldiana Elegans


Frances Williams


Fortunei Aureomarginata


undulata Mediovariegata


Hosta Avocado

Hosta Avocado has light green leaves that turn to gold with a dark green margin. White lily-like flowers typically bloom in late summer. This Hosta can grow to heights of 24 inches and have a spread of 36 inches. Zones 2-9.

Hosta sieboldiana Elegans

This Hosta has huge blue-grey, heart-shaped leaves that can be as large as 13" by 10". Late spring to mid-summer you can expect white to lilac coloured flowers reaching heights of 36 inches. Leaf growth height can reach 28 inches and a spread of 62 inches. Great for containers, as border plants, and for underplanting. Zones 2-9.

Hosta Frances Williams

Frances Williams is a large variegated Hosta variety with thick veined, blue-green leaves that can be 12 inches long and 11 inches wide. This variety can grow 28 inches tall and spread 64 inches wide. Pale lilac blooms can be seen in early to mid-summer at heights of 30 inches tall. Zones 2-9.

Hosta Fortunei Aureomarginata

Fortunei Aureomarginata has deep green, heart-shaped leaves with golden yellow margins. The leaves can grow to 8 inches long by 5 inches wide. The plant can grow 24 inches tall and have a spread of 52 inches. Beautiful mauve-coloured flowers will bloom in mid to late summer. Zones 2-9.

Hosta undulata Mediovariegata

This wavy-leafed variety has narrow, smooth leaves with a white center. This variety will grow 14 inches tall and have an 18-inch spread. Mauve flowers will bloom early to mid-summer and can reach heights of 32 inches tall. This is a great Hosta to brighten up a darker area. Zones 2-9.

Planting instructions will be included in each box.

At Wildwood, we aim to make sure every plant arrives healthy and safe to your door in time for your planting period. Here is what you can expect after placing your order!


Spring bulb orders will be shipped with wood shavings in the package to help insulate and protect the bulbs from the cold weather and movement during shipping. Wood shavings can be repurposed in the garden or composted upon receiving your order! 

Shipping Schedule

The shipment of your order will follow our approximate schedule found below where timing will be dependent on what is being shipped, your planting zone, and the current weather conditions for shipping.

 Zone Earliest Shipping Time
1-3 Mid May
4-5 Late April
6 Early to Mid April
7-9 Late March to Early April

All times listed are the earliest dates shipping can start in that zone. Shipping times can change due to harsh weather conditions or supplier delays if they occur.


Not sure what planting zone you are? Check the map here or visit Natural Resources Canada to find the hardiness zone in your Municipality.

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