4" Hoya Carnosa Varigated
4" Hoya Carnosa Varigated

Small Hoya Carnosa Varigated

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Hoya Carnosa Varigated

Origin: Southern India

This sturdy tropical indoor vine is perfect for creeping along bookshelves and windowsills. Hoyas, often called a "Wax Plants', have dark green, thick waxy, almond-shaped leaves that grown on vines. They will eventually produce creamy porcelain-like flowers that cluster beautifully. The flowers have a very sweet scent.

Hoyas are one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of. 

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 Lighting Place in bright location; occasional direct sunlight.
 Water Water regularly. Keep soil moist in Spring and Summer; allow to dry out slightly in Winter.
 Humidity High
 Fertilize Fertilize monthly.
 Skill Level Beginner.
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Flowering plant, Air purifier, High Humidity