Mini Seedmaster
Mini Seedmaster

Mini Seedmaster Seed Dispenser

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Mini Seedmaster

  • Durable plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Plant exactly where you want
  • Sows the tiniest seeds with ease

The Mini Seedmaster is designed to ease your planting of small seeds, cutting back or eliminating thinning. It can be used directly in garden soil, trays and pots. 

1. Twist and gently pull bullet shaped tip off of the seeder. 
2. Pour seed into the base of the seeder. For best results, please do not exceed one full pack of seeds at a time. 
3. Twist and gently push the tip of the seeder back into place. 
4. Make sure tip of the seeder is completely seated on its base. 
5. Hold the seeder at about a 45' angle over your prepared soil. 
6. With your middle and index fingers on the underside of the base flange, gently push the wider plunger top, this action releases the seeds one to two at a time. 

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