Mason Bee Sieve
Mason Bee Sieve
Mason Bee Sieve

Mason Bee Sieve

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Mason Bee Sieve removing Mites

This sieve is a must-have to remove mites, debris, and mud from cocoons.

  • metal screen (Plastic sieves, stainless steel sieves do not work to remove mites.  These do not have the abrasive properties of a metal screened sieve.)


How To: 

  1. First soak cocoons in a pail of  cold water to remove majority of mud. This takes a couple of hours.  
  2. Place about 200 cocoons into your sieve, and run cocoons under cold running water for about 30 seconds continuously rolling cocoons through water in basin below running water (Check for mites. If mites appear, repeat process)
  3. Finally, rinse for a couple minutes with a cap of bleach in a large bowel of cold water to remove and fungal spores.
  4. Air dry for several hours on paper towel and store over the winter.


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