African Daisy Giants Mix, Sow Easy - McKenzie Seeds

African Daisy Giants Mix, Sow Easy - McKenzie Seeds

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 Dimorphotheca Sinuata

  • 10-21 days to germination
  • Bloom time July-frost.
  • Non-gmo
  • All-natural seed coating for easy sowing

A cheery mix bearing yellow, apricot, orange and white blooms 3.5cm (1.5") in size. The plants are low maintenance with extended bloom time and thrive in dry conditions. This prolific bloomer looks great in mass plantings, containers and floral arrangments. 

What is Sow Easy?  Sow Easy seed is coated with a safe and all-natural seed coating made from a high-quality blend of clay, lime and perlite making the seed easier to handle and plant.  The coating around the seed is tinted with food-grade colouring for increased visibility when planting.

Product Weight: 150 seeds

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