Spinach Olympia Hybrid, Sow Easy - McKenzie Seeds

Spinach Olympia Hybrid, Sow Easy - McKenzie Seeds

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Spinacia oleracea

  • 7-21 days to germination
  • 45-50 days to maturity
  • Best container size, 12"+
  • All-natural seed coating, for easy sowing

Olympia Hybrid Spinach is fast-growing and slow to bolt. This high-yielding spinach is a proven performer. Enjoy its smooth, easy-to-clean leaves in salads or as quick-cooked greens.

What is Sow Easy? Sow Easy seed is coated with a safe and all-natural seed coating made from a high-quality blend of clay, lime and perlite making the seed easier to handle and plant.  The coating around the seed is tinted with food-grade colouring for increased visibility when planting.

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