Mescluns Winter Blend - West Coast Seeds

Mescluns Winter Blend - West Coast Seeds

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This traditional French mesclun recipe combines the tangy flavours of arugula, chervil and endive with flat leaf parsley and three colourful, winter-hardy French lettuces. This makes a wonderful salad mix that looks great in the winter garden or planters. For winter harvest, plant Winter Blend mesclun seeds by mid-August. Sow long rows that will grow slowly in the lower light levels of the fall and winter. Provide some frost protection, and this mesclun blend can be harvested into late December. The seeds in this blend do not require warm soil to germinate, so you can start planting fresh rows in March for spring harvests. Harvest with scissors, leaving an inch or two of growth, and each harvested area should come back at least once for true "cut and come again" harvesting.

    • From the Provencal region of France
    • Tangy flavour
    • Has 3 colourful, winter-hardy lettuces
    • Contains arugula, chervil, endive and Italian parsley
    • For winter harvest, plant by mid-August

5g (approx. 3600 seeds)

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