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Sunflower Teddy Bear - Mr. Fothergill's Seeds RHS

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Helianthus annuus

  • 60cm height 
  • 60cm spread
  • Hardy Annual 
  • Sow March to May 
  • Flowers June to October
  • Unique Dwarf Plants with multiple blooms

A compact and bushy, well branched variety producing lots of double, uniquely soft-to-the touch blooms. A wonderfully charming and unusual addition to mixed beds and borders.

The RHS Award of Garden Merit is a mark of quality, awarded to garden plants with excellent garden performance. Each award is given only after a trial at an RHS Garden and judge by a team of experts.

The extensive flower seed range creates beautiful garden displays with excellent performance. Additionally they have been awarded RHS’s perfect for pollinators, as the best source of food for pollinating insects.

Approx. 20 seeds

Planting Instructions: 

Outdoors: March to May. In a prepared seed bed in flowering position. Sow 2 seeds together with 30cm between pairs. Cover lightly with 1.5cm of soil, Firm gently and keep moist. Seedlings appear 14-21 days. Remove weaker seedlings leaving one per position. Seedlings removed can be transplanted 30cm apart, flowers June to October. 

Indoors: March to May. In individual pots of seed compost. Sow singly, cover with 1.5cm of compost. Firm gently and keep moist. Stand outside for a few days late May (avoid frosts). Transplant 30cm apart in flowering position, flowers, June to October.

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