Dill Fernleaf - McKenzie Seeds

Dill Fernleaf - McKenzie Seeds

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Dill Fernleaf

  • Anethum graveolens
  • Heirloom Herb
  • Best used fresh
  • Great with dips, soups, vinegar, salads
  • 7 to 21 days to germination 
  • 70 days to maturity  
  • Slow to bolt

Fernleaf Dill grows in compact, bushy plants with finely cut, dark green leaves. Harvest the leaves for fresh or dried use. It is especially good for flavoring sour cream and other dipping sauces. This variety is slow to bolt, but once it does, the seeds are perfect for making dill pickles. It truly is a must have in the herb garden.

Instructions: Sow seed directly into the garden once danger of frost has passed. Prefers moist, well drained soil and should be protected from wind if possible. Stagger the planting every 2-3 weeks from May-July.

Suggestions: The fern-like leaves are very small but should be gathered for freezing and drying.

400 milligrams / approximately 300-320 seeds

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