Wildflowers All Purpose Mix - McKenzie Seeds

Wildflowers All Purpose Mix - McKenzie Seeds

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Wildflower All Purpose Mix 

  • Wildflower, Annual, Biennial, Perennial
  • Various bloom colors
  • Full Sun
  • Blooms June to Frost
  • 7 to 14 days to germination 

The All Purpose Wildflower Mix features many different annual, perennial, and biennial flower varieties. The flower assortment can be grown in close proximity to provide a natural meadow look.

Instructions: Broadcast seed thinly and evenly over prepared soil. Rake in lightly, covering seed no deeper than 1/8 inch. For best germination, soak planted area thoroughly and maintain consistent moisture for 4 to 6 weeks, then gradually reduce watering.

Contents: Calendula officinalis, Centaurea cyanus, Erysimum cheiri, Leucanthemum maximum, Coreopsis tinctoria, Cosmos bipinnatus, Cynoglossum amabile, Delphinium consolida, Dianthus barbatus, Digitalis purpurea, Echinacea purpurea, Eschscholzia californica, Gypsophila elegans, Linum grandiflorum rubrum, Linum perenne, Lupinus perennis, Cynoglossum amabile, Malope trifida, Papaver rhoeas, Rudbeckia hirta

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