6" Money Tree Tropical Plant
6" Money Tree Tropical Plant

Medium Money Tree

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Money Tree

Pachira aquatica

Origin: Central and South America (grows in swamps).

While it will not grow actual money, a Money Tree is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its household. Just make sure it stays in a warm place. The tree prefers indirect bright light but can handle low light environments as well. Avoid direct sunlight as the heat can scorch their leaves. Leaf loss can occur if the plant is exposed to too many drafts from vents and windows. Avoid placing your plant near heater vents and in environments with hot dry air.

This attractive tree can grow between 3 to 6 feet high indoors, while in its natural habitat it can grow up to an astonishing 60 feet tall! The unique braided trunk is not a natural feature of the Money tree. It is created by nursery workers when the trunk is young and flexible. 

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 Lighting Bright or shady spot with occasional indirect sunlight.
 Water Water lightly; allow soil to dry out slightly before watering.
 Humidity Moderate to high
 Fertilize Once a month during the growing season with a liquid plant food at half strength.
 Skill Level Beginner 
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Air Purifying, Low Light, High Humidity