Small Moses in a Boat Variegated
Small Moses in a Boat Variegated

Small Moses in a Boat Variegated

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Moses in a Boat

Tradescantia spathacea

Origin: Native to Belize, Guatemala, and Southern Mexico

Also called Boat-lily or Moses in a Cradle, this attractive perennial grows in low spreading clumps. Their uniquely colored leaves grow upright allowing both sides of the leaf to show off their contrasting colors of green and purple. With the right conditions, Moses in a Boat can produce small white flowers. 

In warmer climates, Moses in a Boat can be used in outdoor containers and is heat and drought tolerant. Please be mindful if planting directly into the ground as Moses in a Boat can be invasive in environments. 

Summer through fall, Moses in a Boat does best with well drained, moist soil. In the colder seasons, allow the soil to dry out slightly between watering. 

This plant can tolerate lower light environments but to keep the contrasting variegation, it is best to keep it in bright indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to scorch. 

The sap of the plant can become an irritant to those with sensitive skin. 

*Please note - Plants are subject to nature and may differ from their photos. We try our best to match our product to the photos on our listings. Thank you. 

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 Lighting Bright indirect light
 Water Regularly, discard excess water.  
 Humidity  Moderate
 Fertilize Fertilize once or twice in the warmer months. 
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Bright Light, Low Light, Easy Care