4" Nephthytis Butterfly Tropical Plant
4" Nephthytis Butterfly Tropical Plant

Small Nephthytis Butterfly

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Nephthytis Butterfly 

Syngonium podophyllum 

Origin: Western Africa

Nephthytis is a naturally bushy plant that will eventually start climbing if you allow it. Also known as an Arrowhead Plant or Goosefoot plant, Nephthytis adds an elegant dash of green to your home. This hardy indoor plant is low maintenance and is great for the beginner gardener. 

This slow growing vine looks great in all forms of containers including hanging baskets. It is a great air purifying plant, rarely gets attacked by pests, and can be in the form of a bush or vine depending on how much pruning is done to it. 

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 Lighting Shaded Location; avoid direct sunlight.
 Water Water when top soil starts to dry out.
 Humidity Moderate
 Fertilize Fertilize bimonthly
 Skill Level Intermediate
 Other Benefits Air Purifying, Easy Care, Low Light, Climbing