Medium Norfolk Island Pine

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Norfolk Island Pine

Araucaria heterophylla

Origin: Norfolk Island, Australia 

The Norfolk Island pine is a type of coniferous tree that’s native to Norfolk Island, which is located between Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean. Although it’s not a true pine tree, the Norfolk Island pine does look like one, and is often used as a Christmas tree.

Avoid placing your tree in areas that are drafty or near heating or cooling ducts. The sudden change in temperature can cause the lower branches to fall off. Dropped branches don't grow back. 

Their root system is slow growing and won't require any re-potting until their roots begin to peek through the bottom of the container. Norfolk pine like well drained coarse potting soil. Succulent potting mixes tend to work well for Norfolk pines. 

To keep your plant growing evenly, it is good to turn your container every week or so. 

In the spring, once bright green new growth appears, it is good to fertilize your Norfolk pine and increase your watering habits as the time of rest is over. Add a slow release fertilizer to the top of the plant's soil every 6 weeks during its active growing season (spring to fall). Water the fertilizer into the soil (or gently scratch it in). 

Once your Norfolk pine gets settled into its surroundings, it is a very low maintenance and very satisfying plant to have in your home. 

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Lighting Bright natural light. 
 Water Water regularly, keeping soil moist. Do not let it sit in water, so discard excess water. Best to water when top inch of soil dries out. 
 Humidity High
 Fertilize Fertilize every 4 - 6 months
 Skill Level Moderate
 Other Benefits Tree