6" Ornamental Indoor Olive Tree
6" Ornamental Indoor Olive Tree

Medium Ornamental Indoor Olive

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Ornamental Indoor Olive

The drooping branches of this plant will eventually create a full-looking tree. Trim back new growth to maintain size rotate every month, so it can grow towards its light source evenly. Olive trees do not like to move locations too often, so place in a bright space and leave it there. Make sure you place your olive in a spot where it can receive as much sunlight as possible. This variety will likely not grow olives and is purely for decorative purposes.

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 Lighting Needs a location with lots of direct sunlight.
 Water Water thoroughly, discarding any excess water. Let soil dry between watering.
 Humidity Does well in all levels of humidity.
 Fertilize Fertilize twice a year
 Skill Level Intermediate. 
 Other Benefits Bright Light, Indoor Tree, Pet Friendly