One Time Release 30g

One Time Release 30g

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One Time Release 30g

One application, stunning results

one Time-Release Fertilizer offers complete plant nutrition for your potted plants, hanging baskets, window boxes and vegetables over the entire growing season. one can also be used to feed indoor plants as well.

one contains Plantacote fertilizer (14-9-15), a high-quality fertilizer imported from Germany that is used by commercial greenhouses and nurseries growers throughout Canada and the US. In addition to the proper proportions of major nutrients (nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K)), one also contains essential micronutrients such as Iron and Magnesium. Most other home and garden grade fertilizers lack micronutrients that are key to keeping your plants thriving.

Plantacote Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Simply sprinkle the recommended rate of one on top of soil surface or incorporate into soil. Amount used depends on container size.

Size of Container How much to use for indoor & outdoor plants
10 cm (4) 1/6 pouch (5 g)
15 cm (6") 1/3 pouch (10 g)
20 cm (8") - 1 Gallon 1/2 pouch (15 g)
25 cm (10") - 2 Gallon 1 pouch (30 g)
30 cm (12") - 3 Gallon 1 1/2 pouches (45 g)
Outdoor window boxes - for every
15 cm x 15 cm area (6x6")
1/2 pouch (15g)

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