Forget-Me-Not Myosotis - Ontario Seed Company

Forget-Me-Not Myosotis - Ontario Seed Company

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Forget-Me-Not Myosotis

Myosotis alpestris

These old favourites display a profusion of dainty, bright blue flowers. Easy to grow and freely re-seeding. Perfect for rock gardens, edging or along stream banks.

Sow - Indoors, late-January OR Direct Outdoors, June/August  Bloom - Spring/Summer
Location - Partial Shade Mature Height - 15cm/6in
Emergence - 10 days Lifecycle - Biennial
Difficulty - Easy Approx. 225 seeds per packet

Growing Instructions:

Start seeds indoors in January or February for Summer blooms. Cover seeds lightly and keep moist. Germinate at 15°C (60°F) for 10 days. Warmer soil will delay or prevent germination. For Spring blooms, direct sow from June to August by scattering seeds on soil surface. Thin to 22cm (9in) apart. 

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