Lettuce Red Romaine - Ontario Seed Company

Lettuce Red Romaine - Ontario Seed Company

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Lactuca sativa

Beautiful crisp ruffled green leaves, nicely dressed with a glossy red overlay. Crunchy texture and a nice buttery flavour. These sweet tasting lettuce heads are a popular salad choice to make fantastic baby greens. 

Sow - Direct Outdoors, Spring Days to Harvest - 70
Location - Full Sun Emergence - 7 to 10 days
Difficulty - Easy Lifecycle - Biennial
Approx. 1,250 seeds per packet Frost tender head forming crop

Lettuce is a sun-loving cool weather crop and grows best in well-drained organic soil. Sow direct outdoors in successive crops every 2 weeks from April to August. Sow seeds 3mm (1/8in) deep in rows 45cm (18in) apart. Gradually thin seedlings to 15cm (6in) apart. Ensure an even supply of moisture throughout entire growth period. Harvest by pulling entire plant, or cut leaves off at least 2.5cm (1in) above base to allow for new leaf growth. Leaves become bitter once lettuce bolts. 

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