Pepper Sweet Cubanelle - Ontario Seed Company

Pepper Sweet Cubanelle - Ontario Seed Company

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Capsicum annuum

Large, smooth skinned, tapered peppers with an interesting lime green colour. Fruit averages 15cm (6in) long by 5cm (2in) wide at the shoulders. Medium thick flesh with a sweet flavour that develops as the fruit ripens from green to yellow to red. A superb pepper that is essential to authentic Cuban cuisine.

Sow - Indoors, February Days to Harvest - 65 days
Location - Full Sun Emergence - 10 to 20 days
Difficulty - Easy Lifecycle - Annual
Approx. 25 seeds per packet Frost intolerant sturdy crop

Start indoors mid-February to late March in a soil-less medium for 14 days at 21°C (70°F). Grow seedlings under bright light at 16-21°C (70°F). Transplant in early June to a sunny, well drained site. Keep evenly watered. Space plants 30cm (12in) apart in rows spaced 60cm (24in) apart.

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