Stocks Ten Weeks Dwarf - Ontario Seed Company

Stocks Ten Weeks Dwarf - Ontario Seed Company

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Matthiola incana

Double florets begin blooming when the plant is only 15cm (6in) tall and continue all season long. Intoxicating fragrance emits from flowers in shades of pink, red, mauve, and white. May self-sow and persist on its own in mild climates. 

Sow - Indoors, March OR Direct Outdoors, April Bloom - Summer
Location - Full Sun Mature Height - 30cm/12in
Emergence - 16-24 Lifecycle - Annual
Difficulty - Easy Approx. 175 seeds per packet

Seed is best started indoors in a soil-less mix 6 weeks early. Leave seed uncovered on the growing medium and moisten by misting. Keep at a temperature of 24°C (75°F) for a 20-25 day germination period. Grow on at 15°C (60°F) before transplanting once the danger of frost has passed. For direct outdoor sowing, plant in a sunny site in late April, 3mm (1/8in) deep. Thin or transplant seedlings to 20cm (8in) apart in the garden when they are 5cm (2in) tall. Use for edging, in beds and in containers.

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