Small Peperomia Pepperface Ginny
Small Peperomia Pepperface Ginny

Small Peperomia Pepperface Ginny

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Peperomia Pepperface Ginny 

Peperomia clusiifolia

    Origin: Southern Florida, South and Central America, Africa.

    Peperomia Pepperface Ginny is a slow growing, succulent-like houseplant. Unlike succulents, they are accustomed to growing in medium or low light. There are over 100 different varieties of Peperomia, each with their own shape, size, and colour combination. Peperomia is part of a large family of plants and is actually related to pepper. In Brazil they are viewed as lucky!

    "Ginny" has a hardy stem and leaves with a green, cream & pink color. "Ginny" also has tiny white flowers that occur throughout the year on mature plants. It is best to provide bright light for this species, but never place a Peperomia in direct sun, as it could scorch the leaves.

    Peperomia's are not drought tolerant, but do not like sitting in wet soil either. Water the soil thoroughly, letting excess drain. Allow the top of the soil to dry between waterings. Peperomia's are great for beginners because of their laid back attitude. 

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     Lighting Can be grown in all light levels, but prefers bright and indirect. No direct sun.
     Water Water deeply. Allow top of soil to dry between watering. Discard any excess water.
     Humidity High
     Fertilize Fertilize twice in the growing season
     Skill Level Beginner.
     Other Benefits Air Purifying, Easy Care, Low Light, High Humidity, Pet Friendly