Tiger tooth Philodendron
Tiger tooth Philodendron

Large Tiger Tooth Philodendron

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Tiger Tooth Philodendron

The Tiger Tooth Philodendron is a must for any plant collection. The leaves are show stoppers, and give an amazing jungle vibe to any room they get the pleasure of being a part of.

Philodendrons like their soil to remain slightly moist but not soggy in order to grow large leaves. Only water when the top inch or two is dry to prevent over watering and root rot. 

Tiger Tooth Philodendron are very hardy indoor plants and very easy to care for. If you live in milder climates they do well on patios as well.They are great for the beginner gardener. 

Like most house plants, Philodendrons do well if fertilized during their growing months (spring through fall). Use an organic houseplant fertilizer once a month to keep your Prince of Orange well fed and happy.

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 Lighting Indirect light
 Water Water when the top inch or two is dry. Don't over water. 
 Humidity Mild
 Fertilize Fertilize monthly in the growing season
 Skill Level Beginner.
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Air purifying