Pink Home Run - Weeks Rose

Pink Home Run - Weeks Rose

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Shrub Rose

This hot pink offspring of the famous Home Run kicks the competition up a notch
  • Very disease resilient.
  • Makes a valuable landscape addition.
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Suitable for Zones 4 - 9.
  • No fragrance.

When you got something as good as Home Run, it's a great surprise to discover a match. That's the excitement we felt when we found one lone branch on the famous red Shrub that had sported (mutated) to produce pink blossoms. Ms. Pink is just like Mr. Red—identical in every way except for the flower color. 

Rounded, bushy, fast-to-flower and nearly always in color. A grand slam in both the landscape and a container. Coast to coast…it's the cleanest and the pinkest. Like 'Dad', she KO's the competition when it comes to complete black spot and complete powdery mildew resistant. 


 Rose Type Shrub Rose
 Growth Type Very rounded and bushy shrub
 Flower Color Electric pink
 Foliage color Deep green
 Fragrance Strength None
 Flowering Medium single flowers in large clusters
 Disease Resistance Excellent
 Height 2 - 3 ft
 Width 2 - 3 ft
 Hybridizer Tom Carruth & Christian Bédard
 Year of Introduction 2011
 Introduced by Weeks Roses
 Suitable for zones Zones 4 - 9
 Petal Count 5 Petals
 Patent 22856

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