4" Ponytail Palm Tropical Plant
4" Ponytail Palm Tropical Plant
4" Ponytail Palm Tropical Plant

Small Ponytail Palm

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Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

Origin: Southern Mexico

Another name for Ponytail Palm is Elephant's Foot, because of the large bulb-like trunk. This trunk acts as a water store for the plant, so if you forget to water your palm, it will still survive for a number of days. They truly thrive on neglect. Ponytail palms are slow growing and not actually a true "palm". Ponytail Palms are a member of the Agave family. In the wild, they have been recorded reaching up to 30 ft! But yours will likely never reach more than 4 ft, if that. Ponytail palms like lots of bright light. Indirect sunlight is often best. When watering your Ponytail Palm allow the excess water to drain from the soil. They do not like to sit in moist soil for too long and it is best to let it dry out between waterings.

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 Lighting Lots of bright indirect light or full sun.
 Water Water thoroughly, discarding any excess water. Let top of soil become dry to the touch between water applications.
 Humidity Normal.
 Fertilize Fertilize once or twice a year.
 Skill Level Beginner
 Other Benefits Easy Care, Bright Light, Slow Growing, Pet Friendly.

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