Purple Heart Plant
Purple Heart Plant

Medium Purple Heart Hanging Basket

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Purple Heart Hanging Basket

Setcreasea pallida
Origin: Gulf Coast of Eastern Mexico

Purple Heart, also known as Purple Queen, is one of the most effective air purifying indoor plants around. Its fuzzy purple leaves can reach lengths of 7" long. In the summer and autumn, bright purple flowers bloom on the end of their long stems. To keep your plant looking healthy and full, it is a good idea to prune back stems after the plant has flowered. They require well drained soil to prevent root rot. Lightweight commercial potting soil with perlite or compost works well. 

Purple Hearts look great as a ground cover, in hanging baskets or cascading over the sides of containers. 

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 Lighting Bright light
 Water Water regularly. Discard any excess water. Keep soil evenly moist until well established then water when top layer of soil is dry.  
 Humidity Average 
 Fertilize Once a month during growing season
 Skill Level  Beginner.
 Other Benefits Air purifying, Easy Care, Ground cover, indoor flowering