4" Rabbit's Foot Fern
4" Rabbit's Foot Fern

Small Rabbit's Foot Fern

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Rabbit's Foot Fern

Phlebodium aureum

Origin: tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas

As long as the humidity is high enough, your ferns will grow pretty much anywhere. These ferns are Epiphytes. Epiphytes have root systems (or fuzzy little feet) that are suspended above the soil. In the wild they tend to grow on trees in tropical rain forests. These Epiphytes look like rabbit's feet which is where the plant gets its name from. 

The above ground rhizomes can grow up to 2 feet long and hang over the side of the container which make them great for hanging baskets. 

The Rabbit's Foot Fern need well drained porous soil. Soil should remain moist but not soggy or it can rot. Their shallow root systems need to be kept close to the surface of the soil to prevent root rot so do not plant your fern too deep when transplanting.

Choose indirect or filtered light for your Rabbit's Foot Fern to prevent burns on their leaves. 

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     Lighting Partial Shade, Bright Location, Avoid Direct Sunlight
     Water Water thoroughly, discarding any excess water. Do not allow soil to dry out. Mist rhizomes every few days to prevent them from drying out. 
     Humidity Moderate
     Fertilize Fertilize bimonthly with diluted houseplant fertilizer. 
     Skill Level Medium
     Other Benefits Air Purifying, Bright Light, Low Light.