Raindrip Vegetable Garden Watering Kit

Raindrip Vegetable Garden Watering Kit

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Raindrip Vegetable Garden Watering Kit

Looking for an easy way to keep your vegetable garden water during those hot summer months? New to vegetable gardening and not sure how to keep things watered enough? Look no further!

This micro irrigation kit will water your garden with less water than traditional methods with great results.   You will see better growth, higher yields and less weeds for your vegetables and fruit plant.

It will cover up to 35 feet of garden space and is incredibly simple to set up.  This kit can also save you  up to 70% on water usage in your garden.

The unique dripper line that comes in this kit is used like a soaker hose but offers a precise, slow and even delivery of water that is better for your plants.   

Kit includes 50 ft. pre-assembled ¼” dripper line (1/2 gph at 12” spacing) with swivel adaptor and end plug attached and 10 wire stakes.

Add a faucet timer to automate your system.

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