Schultz Orchid 15-5-5 150g

Schultz Orchid 15-5-5 (150g)

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Schultz Orchid 15-5-5 

Helps grow healthy and beautiful orchids. "Feeds like nature" by dissolving nutrients and vital micronutrients evenly when it rains. Just 7 drops in a litre of water for beautiful plants. Water from top to bottom. Avoid wetting leaves. One ful lsqueeze of the dropper dispenses approx 14 drops. 

In nature, Orchids grow as epiphytes, living on trees above the rain forest floor. Their sponge-like roots absorb nutrients and water quickly from the environment. Using pots of bark or moss, mimic these conditions found in nature. Orchids grown indoors rely on the water and nutrients that you provide. 

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