Sear Zone Kit - Twin Eagles
Sear Zone Kit - Twin Eagles

Sear Zone Kit | Twin Eagles

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Sear Zone Kit

The infrared burner has stainless housing and a protective screen. The protective screen helps reflect heat up to the cooking surface and also catches any food particles from landing on the ceramic burner. At the searing temperatures that the burner reaches all food particles will be burned off so the only maintenance required is cleaning the protective screen and checking for any objects that may be trapped.

Searing steaks and other meats with infrared sear burner at the beginning of the grilling cycle helps lock in juices and flavor. Sear the meats quickly with the front hood open (2 min each side), followed by regular grilling over the Main Burner.

CAUTION Never allow liquids to come in contact with the Infrared Sear Zone burner since it could cause damage to the ceramic tiles. DO NOT place briquette tray or smoker box over the sear burner. This will block the infrared heat and will damage the tray.

 For all Grill Sizes: 30, 36, 42, and 54